Reginald Aubrey Fessenden

First Radio Message
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Reginald Aubrey Fessenden
and the Birth of Wireless Telegraphy
  PDF (1.9M)
by John S. Belrose, Communications Research Centre Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
published in IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol.44, no.2, 2002
Fessenden's life history and accomplishments, and a brief account of the birth of radio.
File located at Brant Rock Milestone website.

Wireless Station at Brant Rock   PDF (.4M)
published in Boston Daily Globe, June 26, 1910
Signal from Brant Rock picked up in Alexandria, a system of Fessenden's invention.
File located at Brant Rock Milestone website.

World's First Radio Voice Broadcast from Mass. Coast in 1906
In 1906 at Brant Rock, Massachusetts, Reginald Fessenden made the first radio voice broadcast on Christmas Eve of 1906 and again on New Years eve.

A Wisdom Archive on Reginald Fessenden
A selection of articles related to Reginald Fessenden, at the Global Oneness website.

Fessenden Gives Radio its Voice   PDF (2.7M)
by Don Kimberlin
published in The Old Radio Times, no.41, April 2009
File located at Old Time Radio Researchers Group website.

100 Years of Broadcasting   PDF (.4M)
by Mark VK3BYY
published in NERG News, November 2006 (see page 3)
File located at North-East Radio Group (Australia) website.