Construction Projects

Radio Broadcast's Knock-Out Receivers   PDF (22.7M)
Complete instructions for building and operating one, two and three tube receivers. Published in 1924, a collection of articles by Kenneth Harkness, C.H. Brown, Zeb Bouck, Walter Van B. Roberts, Dr. L.M. Hall, reprinted from Radio Broadcast, magazine, with notes by Arthur H. Lynch.
File located at Antique Radios website.

How to Build Hazeltine's Neutrodyne Radio Receiver   ZIP (2.6M)
Complete assembly, wiring, adjusing and tuning information for building four and five tube Hazeltine "Neutrodyne" circuit radio receivers.
By Kimball Houton Stark, Chief Engineer, F.A.D. Andrea, Inc., New York, 1923.
File located at Antique Radios website.